Lodge Logic Camp Dutch Oven - 2 qt. - $42.95

Ready to use right out of the box, this 2 qt. Lodge Logic Camp Dutch oven comes with a beautiful heirloom finish that eliminates the time and effort typically required to season cast iron cookware. From BACKPACKER 2012 Editors' Choice Awards: "For car-, horse-, and boat-camping trips, when weight is no object, nothing beats these ovens for fireside meals.". Lodge coats the entire surface of the oven with a proprietary vegetable oil formula, then bakes the oil onto the cookware with high-temperature gas ovens. The high temperature allows the oil to penetrate deeply into the cast iron surface, creating that prized heirloom finish. Cast iron distributes heat evenly-perfect for both quick, high-heat browning and long, slow cooking. Snug-fitting lid is flanged to hold hot coals on top for baking, stewing and roasting; flip the lid over for use as a griddle. High-gauge wire bail handle can be used to hang the Dutch oven over the hearth or campfire. 3 legs let you place the Lodge Logic Dutch oven over hot coals. - $42.95