Loaded Fattail Blem Deck - $129.96

Loaded Fattail Blem Deck - The Loaded Fattail Blem Longboard Deck is a redone and modernized version of the Pintail. This deck was designed for pumping, carving, pedestrian slalom, freestyle and any other situation you get yourself into. The increased concave in the Fattail will lock your feet in and the cambered deck gives you an energetic performance in and out of every carve you make. The Fattail maintains subtle tapering to give you leverage and awareness of your foot position to allow you to power through turns. . Model Year: 2011, Product ID: 257141, This is a Blemish Item: This blemish/factory second item is new and may have a cosmetic imperfection such as a scuff or scratch. The blemish is guaranteed to be minor & non-structural. Most blemishes are so minor; they are not noticeable even when looking for the imperfection. - $129.96