Loaded Ceviche Complete Longboard - $299.00

Loaded Ceviche Complete Longboard - The Loaded Ceviche Complete Longboard can carve hard and shred some old school street skating. Comes with a built in kick tail and subtle nose kick manual which makes tricks a breeze while Camber and concaves shape between the kicks, make carving and pumping easy. The Ceviche is perfect for those looking for a surf-oriented skateboard that can still play when not out on the hills. Loose and agile, it's time to explore the limits of your sidewalk and hill thrashing abilities. . Bearing Type: Bones, Wheel Size: 70mm, Truck Width: 150mm, Deck Width: 8.75in, Deck Length: 33.00in, Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 228934 - $299.00