Litespeed Titanium Derailleur Hanger - $65.00

This Litespeed Titanium Derailleur Hanger is shaped exactly like their C1R /C1/C2/C3 Derailleur Hanger, but as the name suggests, it's made of titanium. As such, it's intended for use on Litespeed's Titanium Archon and Xicon frame models. However, if you're a nut about lightweight trickery, these will bolt right onto the C-series bikes and save a miniscule few grams. The nice part about this design is that it places the threads for the fasteners in the hanger itself, rather than in the dropout on your frame. So a stripped bolt hole is no big deal -- a relatively inexpensive fix. It's also a failsafe for your titanium frame in the event of a crash. The hanger is designed to fail before your frame will, again meaning that you have a cheap, easy fix. We've always heard that good preparation is the best defense, so if you have a Litespeed titanium bike, you should have one of these Titanium Derailleur Hangers in your tool kit just in case. Its minimal design is possible because it's made of titanium and comes with two hex keyed fasteners. - $65.00