Liquid Force Watson Comp Wakeboard Vest Black - Men's - $139.99

When Watson brainstormed this vest with our design crew, he wanted a super thin vest with maximum comfort and range of motion. The result is his new comp vest that is a Hybrid of sorts... similar to a pullover it comes without straps and buckles. The hybrid addition, however, is a small half zip down the back and drawstring on the front. The Watson Comp is the ultimate combination of lightweight comfort, performance flex, and ease of entry that will keep you enjoying the wake all summer long!Key Features of the Liquid Force Watson Comp Wakeboard Vest: Pullover System: Increased forward flex and comfort... no buckles to get in the way Side Half-Zip: Half zipper on down the back makes it easier to get into and out of Quilted Foam Panels: Designed to fit you perfectly Super-Stretch Neoprene: Flex panels allow Vest: Extra space and comfort for added mobility Strapless design: Clean and simple with nothing to get in your way on handle passes. - $139.99