Liquid Force Plush Handle w/ Vision Mainline Blue/Black - $134.99

This embroidered ultra suede bar provides excellent wet grip and soft hand feel and makes a mighty fine combo when equipped with our PU coated Vision line The Vision line's thin and flexible PU coating provides UV protection for the Dyneema fibers, while also preventing snags and abrasion damage... Key Features of the Liquid Force Plush Handle w/ Vision Mainline: Team End Cap Ergo Corner PU Coated Dyneema Ultra-Suede Grip - Round grip with EVA backed Ultra-Suede grip T6-6061 Aluminum Bar - No flex, no bend, and super lightweight Team “Y” Connect Combo with 85 Foot Vision Line Mainline Sections: 65’-10’-5’-2.5’-2.5’ : VISON LINE: 4mm Dyneema Rope with a PU casing: No stretch, no recoil, and 4mm thick 85 Feet Total Line Length Mainline Sections: 65’-10’-5’-2.5’-2.5’ - $134.99