Line Setup Ski Package - $799.99

Line Setup Ski Package - A great park ski package that allows you to dominate the biggest features, the Line Stepup Ski Package will have you honing your skills and showing off your tricks all winter long. The all new Deckwall construction on the Line Stepup Skis takes two maple veneer layers from Line's renowned Skatedeck construction and sandwiches them around the proven maple Macroblock core with full sidewalls. This construction makes the Stepup Skis one of the firmest symmetrical skis available with insane pop and durability that can still press out butters all day. With a RACE quality base you can gain the speeds needed to tackle the 80 footers. You'll have the Marker Griffon Bindings to help give you control on the widest of skis. The Griffon is built to accommodate moderate to aggressive skiers and provides unparalleled energy transmission. Finally the Dead Money Ski Boots by Nordica. Nordica's new three piece shell design is easy to enter and exit and offers a flex pattern that adapts more to modern skiing techniques. The Full Shock Eraser is a dampening system built into the boot in the tongue, toe, calf, and boot board to smooth out the impact from huge landings. A 45 Degree Instep Retention Buckle gives you more control, and more confidence because you know that your heel is staying locked in place. Play in the park with the best toys around and use the Line Stepup Ski Package so you can rule your playground. . Lining Material: PFP FSE Liner, Core Name: 2 Ply Maple Veneer With Maple Macro - $799.99