Line Afterbang Shorty Skis - $109.95

After years of asking, Line has finally designed a high end junior freestyle ski. The 2011 Line Afterbang Shorty Skis is the most advanced junior freestyle ski on the market. With a Maple veneer core this ski will take a lot of abuse with out complaint. The 2010 - 2011 Line Afterbang Short Ski is much like the adult version of the Afterbang but with one less sheet of Maple and no Carbon Ollieband, but do not worry, it has just about the same amount of pop. If you are riding kids skis not designed for the park or adult skis that are too long and expensive, that is because you are an in betweener everyone forgot to make skis for. Now there is a 100% legit, Afterbang construction in your size, with a price to match.Key Features of the Line Afterbang Shorty Skis: Skate Deck Construction 6-ply Maple veneer core Butter Zones Symmetric Flex Symmetric Geometry Fatty Base and Edge Extruded Base Shape: 115/ 88/ 115 Sidecut: 13.5m (144cm) Stance: centered - $109.95