Line Afterbang Shorty Skis - $171.95

Adult park construction, sized and priced for kids The Afterbang Shorty is the only ski built like a skateboard, for the durability needed to take the abuse of aggressive young jibbers like you, in lengths in your size! These skis can even be mounted with adult bindings. Its playful flex pattern provides ninja-like control when buttering and pressing with tons of extra pop for big ollies. This is the ski that gives our pros and you, the creative advantage no other ski can.Key Features of the Line Afterbang Shorty Skis: Great value! Skate Deck Construction Butterzones Symmetric Fivecut Fatty Base and Edge Symmetric Flex Shape mm: 115-88-115 Profile mm: 0-3-0 (Tip Early Rise/ Camber/ Tail Early Rise) Sidecut m: 13.5 Stance mm: 0 (centered) Tip/ Tail mm: 52/ 52 - $171.95