Lindy Watsit Ice Jig - Glow (1/32 OZ) - $1.54

This smaller ice model of the deadly Watsit Jig is designed to target oversized panfish, undoubtedly looking like an easy meal with its tiny arms and uniquely undulating tail that create constant movement. Because of its unique appearance, the Watsit Ice Jig effectively mimics multiple types of game fish forage. Pre-rigged with a strike-holding Lindy jig. Per 2; includes two jigheads and four grub bodies. Made in USA. Size: 1/32 oz. Colors: (101)Black, (129)Chartreuse Green Glow/Green, (137)Glow, (138)Blue/Glow, (145)Viking, (148)Red Glow, (149)Chartreuse Green Glow/Pink. Size: 1/32 OZ. Color: Glow. Type: Jigging Lures. - $1.54