Lindy Frostee Jig - Black/Chartreuse - $0.99

During low-light to dark conditions, the glow-finished Frostee Jig is the lure of choice. Tipped with a minnow or waxworm, its flashing, glowing and fluttering presentation and erratic action draws strikes from walleye, perch, trout, panfish and many other kinds of game fish. Per 2. Hooks: No. 4, No. 6, No. 8. Colors: (029)Chartreuse Green Glow/Green, (030)Chartreuse/Green Glow, (031)Pink/Glow, (036)Black/Chartreuse Green, (037)Glow, (038)Blue/Glow, (040)Pink/Chartreuse Yellow, (041)Brown Orange, (045)Viking, (046)Firetiger (not shown), (048)Red/Glow, (049)Chartreuse Green Glow/Pink. Color: Black/Chartreuse. - $0.99