LightSpecs Eyeglasses - Black (1.5) - $15.88

There are situations outdoor enthusiasts encounter where ordinary reading glasses just won't do. Changing flies in fading daylight, reading a map in a dark vehicle or reading a book in camp or a tent after sunset these glasses are far superior in such situations than trying to juggle a flashlight or direct the light of a headlamp. Tiny, ultrabright LEDs are built into the temples of these premium reading glasses to put light precisely where you look while keeping your hands free. The lights are angled downward at 5 perfect for reading or working with small objects. Durable black frames are outfitted with optical-grade lenses. Limited lifetime warranty. Available diopters: 1.50 and 2.50. Size: 1.5. Color: Black. Type: Eyeglasses. - $15.88