Light & Motion Vis 180 Tail Light - $99.95

Nearly 3/4 of all crashes between bikes and cars occur at intersections, and not surprisingly most of those occur in the evening hours when the light is fading and everyone is tired and trying to get home after a long day. Often enough, motorists simply drive right into cyclists. Light and Motion recognizes the need to be more visible from all directions, not just from the front and the back. That's why they have created their Vis series of lights. The Vis 180 Tail Light is not only a tail light, as it has sidelights as well to make you more visible and safer out on the mean streets.The Vis 180 Tail Light has amber side lights just like the ones on your car. This allows drivers to see you through 180 of arc as opposed to simply being visible from the rear. So as you ride through that sketchy intersection next time, you'll know that drivers will be able to see you clearly even if their lights are not directly shining on the reflective stripe on your jacket. The glaring 35 lumens output is enough to be seen from great distances. The Vis 180 Tail Light is easily mounted on most seatpost sizes and shapes via an adjustable thick rubbery strap. A built-in ratchet system will allow you to position it so that no matter what angle it's mounted at, it has the greatest effect to be seen. It has a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack that powers the tail light for 4 hours continuously and 8 hours on the flash setting. When the time comes for a recharge, the micro USB port accepts a charge from your computer or most phone chargers. It takes 4.5 hours to get the battery pack juiced back up to full power.Easily mounts to bag, bike, or helmet, which allows you to pick your placement or use multiple lights 4.5 hour recharge time is easily accomplished during the work day 4-to-8 hour run time lasts all night - $99.95