Light & Motion Urban 200 / VIS 180 Micro Bike Light Set - $118.93

This bike light set from Light & Motion combines the compact and bright Urban 200 front bike light with the VIS 180deg Micro rear bike light to take care of your ride-lighting needs. With a 200 lumen output and visibility-enhancing amber side lights, the Urban 200 is well-suited for riding in densely populated areas. Run times for the Urban 200 range from 2.5 hrs. on high to 8 hrs. on low; get up to 24 hrs. of use in flash mode. Integrated lithium ion battery charges via USB in 5 hrs.; charge indicator displays the charge status so you know when to recharge. The Light & Motion Urban 200 bike light is designed to be mounted on your handlebar (fits most handlebars); mounting bracket included. VIS 180deg Micro rear bike has a bright red light that shines directly behind you while amber side lights alert those to your sides; has a maximum output of 25 lumens. Tool-free mounting bracket attaches light onto bike frame, backpack or messenger bag; multiple positions ensure best visibility. Micro USB port allows charging from most contemporary cell phone chargers or from any powered USB device. Multicolored status light on the Light & Motion VIS 180deg Micro rear bike light displays the charge level so you'll know when to recharge. - $118.93