Light & Motion Seca 800 Race Bike Light - $369.99

The Seca 800 is second in the hierarchy at Light and Motion. In reality it's the light that would be most appropriate for most folks who like to ride at night. If you can't justify the Seca 1400's extra-orbital cost, even for its surface-of-the-sun luminance, then this 800 lumens version will do the job nicely to light your way.Something that often escapes conversations about light power is light quality. Different lights can emit light throughout a portion of the color spectrum -- sometimes too blue, green hazed, or yellowish. In practical human terms, our eyes are built for natural light, and Light and Motion strives to make equipment that produces light as closely matched as possible to the color of natural mid-day sunlight. Light and Motion relies on powerful Cree XPG emitters for their inherently pure white light and super efficient operation.All of this power and light quality would be lost without a well crafted reflector to shape the beam. For the Seca 800, Light and Motion's bi-conic reflector creates a broader center spot that shoots straight down the trail, allowing you to see what's coming even at speed. This broader center spot transitions softly into very even fill light that lets you see the wooly stuff at the edge of the trail and all of the roots and rocks below your front tire as well. You won't be spotlighting raccoons up in the trees either. The reflector shapes the light and directs it all where you want and need it while hammering down the trail. For those commuting or using this light on the road, you can be sure that you will be seen.It comes with a tool-free handlebar mount that will work on just about any bar diameter or shape as well as on the included helmet mount. The mounting arrangement has been redesigned to rotate the lamp forward on the bars. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this new shape is that the light will sit farther towards the front of your head when you are using the helmet mount. - $369.99