Light & Motion Seca 1700 Race Light - $469.99

It's getting dark, and the only audible sounds are from your pedals turning over, the tires on the gravel, and a distant sound of the forest settling in for the night. As you reach the summit of the hills, you watch the sun set on the distant horizon before you flick on your light to descend. Sadly, you have to ride your brakes down the single track at a snails pace because your light isn't bright enough to see what's in front of you. It's time to invest in a new light before you waste any more money on new brake pads. Ditch your ill equipped light and send the trail like you were meant to with a Light & Motion Seca 1700 Race Light. The Seca 1700 puts out an ample 1700 lumens, providing all of the light that you need for night rides with friends or for your next 24-hour race. Designed for night trail rides and racing, the Seca is the crowned King of Light from Light & Motion. With its increased lumens and battery life, the Seca 1700 is lighting the way brighter and longer than ever. And though many light manufacturers have picked up on the high-lumen craze, Light & Motion hasn't simply added lumens to the Seca for the sake of brightness, it's redesigned the light to use the power output more wisely and efficiently. Due to the Seca's bi-conic reflector, its six LED bulbs cast an intense light in a wide beam that makes you forget that it's nighttime. Four settings on the Seca let you adjust the output in accordance to the desired application. Now, you can expect a range between 1.5 to 15 hours of light. High puts out 1700 lumens, medium 850, and low and flash are both at 425 lumens. All 1700 lumens are essential to some while descending the trail, but going up hill doesn't require firing up every lumen. Thanks to the race mode setting, you can use less light while ascending the trail by skipping the medium and flash mode -- this leaves you with the high and low settings only. - $469.99