Lifeline Ultralight Survival Kit - $15.00

Think of this compact Lifeline Ultralight survival kit as an inexpensive form of insurance. If things go wrong, you'll really be glad you have it. Kit contains waterproof matches, an 18 x 12 in. piece of aluminum foil, an 80 x 50 in. emergency blanket, 50 ft. of fishing line, 4 fish hooks and 4 sinker weights. Also includes 8 ft. of snare wire, a surgical blade, 5 wound closure strips, 3 safety pins, a map compass, emergency whistle, 10 ft. of emergency cord and 36 in. of duct tape. Reusable zipper-lock bag can be used to stow water or keep essential gear dry. Included survival guide provides essential survival and first-aid information. Waterproof carrying case keeps contents dry in the wettest environments. - $15.00