Lifeline One-Person Emergency Kit - 3 Day - $50.00

The Lifeline One-Person emergency kit contains 58 items that will help see you through an emergency situation. Provides relief in an emergency situation with survival goods, tools, safety supplies, food and water. Kit includes a first-aid booklet, ten 0.75 x 3 in. bandages, one 2 x 2 in. sterile gauze pad, one 3 x 3 in. sterile gauze pad, 0.5 in wide roll of adhesive tape. 4 antiseptic towelettes, 1 triple antibiotic ointment, 1 instant cold pack, 1 pack of pocket tissues, 2 sanitary pads, 1 emergency food bar and 12 drinking-water packs. 2 emergency candles, 2 handwarmer packets, an emergency blanket, emergency poncho, pack of waterproof matches, emergency whistle, flashlight and 2 AA batteries. 1 pair of vinyl gloves, 1 pair of cotton gloves with grips, 1 roll of duct tape, a can opener, a utility knife and 5 reusable zipper-lock bags. Kit is designed for 1 person for up to 3 days. All items in the Lifeline One-Person emergency kit are packed in a small backpack for convenient transportation. - $50.00