Lezyne Super Drive XL Loaded Front Light - $104.95

We can't think of a single night ride where we thought, 'really wish we didn't have lights, right now.' Surprisingly, though, it would seem that most light manufacturing is dedicated towards avoiding fix-it-tickets from the police instead of illuminating the path in front of you. Why' We do not know. But, we do know that the Lezyne Super Drive XL Loaded Front Light supplies the necessary lumens, battery life, and ease-of-use that's needed for any kind of night riding. The most obvious difference between the Super Drive XL and other lights is the CNC-machined aluminum body. In the event that you take a spill (not hard to do on a trail at night), the Super Drive can handle it. The machined aluminum body also dissipates heat, which has a tendency to damage Li-ion batteries over time. And for the sake of being real, it also looks really good. You might downplay the importance of style, but let's face it, you don't want to hang some cheap, plastic gumball-machine headlight on your carbon race machine. The Super Drive now has a redesigned power button that increases the headlight's water- and weather-resistance. How' Well, the new power button hides the Green and Red LED's that allow you to monitor battery level without losing a pedal stroke. When the headlight is on, the indicator (located on top of the light housing) will be either Green, Red, or flashing Red to indicate power level. Lezyne's Infinite Light feature is another innovation that adds versatility and usability for endurance riders, 24-hour racers, or anyone planning to out-ride the battery's burn time. But, if you burn out your battery, just pop it out and slide in a fully-charged Li-ion. It sounds simple, but it's a rare feature among trail lights. Additionally, it allows you to ride as long as you want, depending on the number of backup-batteries that you decide to carry. Battery conservation is further enhanced through the new Standard and Race mode features. - $104.95