Lezyne RAP13 Multi-Tool - $17.50

What can we say, the prepared cyclist is a happy cyclist, and quite frankly, one that we prefer to ride with. But, with a burgeoning and diverse multi-tool market, it's not always guaranteed that your pocket-held piece of security will get you out of a roadside jam. So, when faced with the potential of being stranded, we opt to place our trust with preceding reputations for quality. Case in point is the Lezyne RAP 13 Multi-Tool. Aside from tire levers and a pump, the RAP 13 will get you out of almost every roadside predicament. It includes 2 through 8mm hex keys, T25 and T30 torx wrenches, a #1 Phillips head screwdriver, three spokes wrench (Mavic included), and a chain breaker for 8-, 9-, and 10-speed chains -- sorry Campy and Dura Ace 9000 users. For ease-of-use, the RAP 13 features a Wrapped Center Pivot for its bits that increases tool stiffness while making each piece unencumbered. In terms of durability, the CrV bits have been nickle-plated, the chain breaker is made from cast steel, and the tool body uses stamped aluminum side plates. The Lezyne RAP13 Multi-Tool is available in the color Black and in a 51x80x23mm size. - $17.50