Lezyne Macro Drive Front Light - $69.95

With a full 300 lumens and some of Lezyne's sexiest headlight technologies, the Macro Drive Front light is the king of bang-for-your-buck. The Macro is capable of more than just saving your life in traffic, though that's a pretty big thing. The Macro is also bright enough to hit the trail. The easy-to-use snap-fit mount swaps from your road bike to your mountain bike to your bar crawler in seconds, so you don't have to get multiple lights and you don't waste any valuable riding or drinking time. The most obvious difference between the Macro Drive and other lights is the CNC-machined aluminum body. In the event that you take a spill (not hard to do on a trail at night), the Macro Drive can handle it. The machined aluminum body also dissipates heat, which can damage LED bulbs over time. It also looks good. You'll downplay the importance of style, but let's face it'''you don't want to hang some cheap, plastic gumball-machine headlight on your carbon race machine. The Macro Drive is sporting a redesigned power button that increases the headlight's water- and weather-resistance. The new power button hides the green and red LED's that allow you to monitor battery level without losing a pedal stroke. When the headlight is on, the indicator (locator on top of the light housing) will be either green, red, or flashing red to indicate power level. The Macro Drive is also equipped with Lezyne's Maximum Optical Reflection one-piece internal reflection technology. The result is a light with fewer parts and a smoother, wider Uniform Power Beam. The Macro Drive has four modes: Blast (300 lumens), Enduro (200 lumens), Flash (200 lumens), and Economy (100 lumens). The battery is good for 3 hours, 4.5 hours, 9 hours, and 9 hours in each mode, respectively. Lezyne's side visibility technology makes the Macro Drive visible from 180 degrees at night without illuminating your handlebars, which can be distracting. - $69.95