Lezyne CRV 20 Multi-Tool - $40.00

When you lend the Lezyne CRV 20 Multi-Tool to your ill-equipped partner, you won't have to worry about him ham fisting the tool and rounding off a bit, thanks to the ultra-hard, forged, and CNC'd chrome vanadium bits. You, however, might want to worry about the over-tightened carbon bars, now securely fastened with a stripped bolt.Material: Hardened steel Hex Wrench: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Torx Wrench: T25 Box End Wrench: 8, 9mm Open End Wrench: 10mm Screwdriver: 1 Phillips, 1 flathead Spoke Wrench: 4 integrated Chain Tool: 9- and 10-speed compatible Tire Levers: Yes, 2 full-sized Other Features: Disc pad expander, 60mm knife, bottle opener Recommended Use: Wrenching Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime - $40.00