Lewis N. Clark Status Changing Lock - 3 Dial - $11.99

If you travel on a regular basis and want to know if the Transportation Security Administration or some other security agency has gone through your luggage, get this three-dial, resettable TSA30 Status Changing Combination Lock. You'll know positively if your lock has been opened, because it has a unique status light that will notify you by changing from green to red. This device is even accepted and recognized by the TSA. Airport security in the United States uses the Travel Sentry system to recognize baggage they may easily open without damaging locks. Best of all, you won't have to worry about cut locks again either, because the TSA screeners who operate the Travel Sentry system use a set of codes and tools that open locks without damaging them. In fact, the tools cannot be removed from the lock until it has been re-secured. Color: Silver. - $11.99