Leupold RX-800i TBR Rangefinder - $289.88

Experience vastly superior optical quality The next level of ranging and accuracy. Superior acquisition speed for instant results. Accurately reads deer hides out to 600 yds., trees to 650 yds. and reflective surfaces out to 800 yds. Built-in trophy scale. Bow mode ranges to 125 yds. with up to 1/10-yard resolution. The increased light transmission LCD is even easier to read. MOA outputs in 1/10 increments. Features DNA technology for faster target acquisition. Millradian TBR output (Mil dot reticle hold over) accurately calculates any angle encountered and gives you the ballistic range to make the shot. Maximum Distance, Non-Reflective Target (yds.): 650. Weight (oz.): 6.8. Type: Rangefinders. Power: 6x. Minimum Range (yds.): 6. Maximum Range (yds.): 650yds. Maximum Distance, Reflective Target (yds.): 800yds. Inclinometer: Yes. Dimensions (L" x W" x H"): 4.0x2.75x1.5. Color/Camo Pattern: Black. Black. - $289.88