Les Johnson's Ruffidawg and Ruffidawg Coaxer Predator Calls - Coyote - $14.88

Designed by renowned coyote caller, Les Johnson, these Ruffidawg series calls are a must-have for predator callers. A contoured mouthpiece creates less lip fatigue. Sleek D-shaped bell fits perfectly in your hand. Grab any predators attention with the high-volume Ruffidawg that mimics a jackrabbit or fawn in distress. The Coaxer is a soft-volume call used for opening a stand or finishing a closing bobcat, fox or coyote. Ruffidawg Jr. has an extra-raspy sound. Whichever one you choose, you cant go wrong. Available: Ruffidawg Jr. Ruffidawg Ruffidawg Coaxer Color: Coyote. Type: Open Reed. - $14.88