Leki Thermolite XL Aergon Antishock Trekking Poles - Pair - $179.95

The Leki Thermolite XL Aergon Antishock trekking poles combine comfort and convenience with innovative, ultralight design and ergonomic grips. Lightweight Aergon Thermo XL grips feature an edgeless shape and a rubberized, textured surface to maximize comfort and minimize hand fatigue. Grips position your hands at an ergonomically correct 15deg angle for comfort and a neutral wrist position for optimal swing efficiency and stress relief at wrist joints. Simple Super Locking System (SLS) adjustment requires little effort to lock pole sections into position; aluminum shafts are heat treated for outstanding tensile strength. 3-section telescoping poles collapse from 53 to 26 in. for easy packing. Synthetic tips flex up to 30deg without damaging the pole shaft; universal carbide tip ends ensure durability and an optimal grip on ice and rock surfaces. Domed disc baskets provide extra support on soft terrain; thanks to a threaded design, they can be easily replaced with larger baskets (not included) for winter use. The Leki Thermolite XL Aergon Antishock trekking poles feature soft nylon wrist straps that are comfortable against your skin. - $179.95