Leki Spark S Ski Poles - Women's - $89.95

The Leki Spark S ski poles link your turns with an advanced strap system that makes pole plants easy and intuitive. Lightweight 16mm aluminum shafts offer a smooth swing weight that allows quick transitions. Trigger S straps make the poles an extension of your arm! Once clicked in, your hand is firmly supported by the anatomic strap. Trigger S grips feature a spring-loaded release system that provides consistent, reliable release to protect your arms and shoulders during falls. Trigger S straps feature small tearproof loops that click easily in and out of the grips for convenience-great for quick transitions between lodge and lift. If your pole gets snagged, Trigger's automatic-release system reacts, releasing you quickly and efficiently. Trigger S grip offers maximum control with 4 finger notches and a slim profile. The Leki Spark S ski poles feature steel tips that provide reliable purchase on packed snow. - $89.95