Leki Peak Vario S Trigger S Speedlock Ski Poles - $139.95

The Leki Peak Vario S Trigger S Speedlock ski poles meet the demands of aggressive, expert-level skiers. They feature adjustable shafts and an advanced integrated security system. Straps make the poles an extension of your arm-once clicked in, your hand is firmly supported by the anatomic shape. Spring-loaded release system provides consistent, reliable release to protect your arms and shoulders during falls. Straps feature small tearproof loops that click easily in and out of the grips for convenience-great for quick transitions between lodge and lift. 16mm aluminum upper shafts and 14mm carbon lower shafts combine for a light and smooth swing weight that allows quick transitions. Locking mechanism securely locks pole sections into desired position with the simple movement of a tab; poles adjust from 42 - 54 in. Flexible tips with carbide points ensure exceptional durability and an optimal grip on ice and packed snow. Leki Peak Vario S Trigger S Speedlock ski poles feature 50mm baskets that work well in packed snow. High-polish Ultra Sonic finish protects the poles from damaging dings and cuts. - $139.95