Leki Lhasa Lite Aergon Antishock Women's Trekking Poles - Pair - $159.95

The women's Leki Lhasa Lite Aergon Antishock trekking poles let you navigate the trails with ease, offering lightweight, telescoping utility to support your every trek. Lightweight compact grips feature an edgeless shape and a cork/rubber composite that reduces sweat for a superior grip. Positive Angle grips position the hands at an ergonomically correct angle for optimal swing efficiency and stress relief at wrists. Aluminum alloy allows thin shaft walls providing a 20% reduction in swing weight without loss of strength. Soft Antishock Lite system is integrated into the lower shaft, so impacts are absorbed before they reach your wrists. Simple and fast, SpeedLock external locking system adjustment requires little effort to securely lock pole sections into position. Delivering ultimate holding force, the Leki Lhasa Lite Aergon Antishock trekking poles offer 300+ lbs. of locking force for aggressive use. 3-section telescoping poles extend from 25.5 to 49.25 in. Baskets provide extra support on soft terrain. Scratch-resistant surfaces and high polish lacquering protect your poles from abrasion. Durable carbide tip ends optimize grip on ice and rocks. - $159.95