Lee ZipTrim Power Head Case Trimmer - $17.88

The Lee ZipTrim Power Head Case Trimmer quickly and accurately rotates your case like a lathe and allows you to use the Lee case trimmer (sold separately) that assures uniform case sizes and square case mouths. The unit also allows for super-fast chamfering and case polishing. The Zip Trim power head utilizes a steel spindle that rotates in a housing made of tough nylon. The spindle is rotated by a recoil mechanism that generates over 1/4 horsepower and 1,700 rpm. At the end of the cut, torque automatically decreases as the rpm increases for a perfect feel and finish. The head incorporates two mounting lugs and a socket to accept a C-clamp for a completely portable set-up. Shown with the Lee Universal Three-Jaw Chuck(sold separately). Type: Trimmers. - $17.88