Leatt DBX Ride 4 - $298.95

Neck braces are growing in popularity due to their proven ability to reduce hyper extension and flexion to the neck during head impacts. Leatt is leading development of this essential piece of armor by investing heavily in research and design, and by pioneering testing methods. This, however, means their products demand a premium. The DBX Ride 4 aims to offer the same protection as all Leatt braces, in a wallet friendly design. To accomplish this, Leatt forgoes exotic materials like carbon fiber for high impact polymers, glass, and reinforced nylon. The only drawback is the DBX 4 weighs 250 grams more than the top PRO Lite model -- that's just over a half pound. But, compared to the safety benefits this brace provides, it's not much weight to add to your riding gear. The DBX 4 still prevents over-bending of the head in rearward, forward, side, and axial directions to help prevent serious injury. It also features the Leatt's new CoreFlex thoracic strut -- the piece that extends down from the brace along the spine. It's now adjustable with color-coded wedges from -5 to 15 degrees for the perfect fit. The strut is also designed to break in the event of an impact, and it's replaceable. Leatt's patented Alternative Load Path technology is also applied to the DBX Ride 4. It disperses energy away from critical areas during impact to reduce injury. Adding to impact absorption is BioFoam padding. It's replaceable like the CoreFlex thoracic strut if crash damage occurs, and the pads are easily removed and machine washable. Like all Leatt devices, the DBX Ride 4 uses side mounted paramedical hinges that open easily on both left and right sides. The three way adjustability of Leatt devices allow them to fit most bodies, and the wide range of adjustments permit Leatt to produce two sizes -- Small/Medium and Large/XL. To fit a Leatt brace, you measure both your chest diameter and height. - $298.95