Leatt DBX Comp 4 - $358.95

The Leatt DBX Comp 4 is completely different from the Ride 4 and Pro Lite in that it has a unique split front design and four-way adjustability. It uses high-impact Polymer like the Ride 4, instead of the Pro Lite's carbon fiber, so it's a few grams heavier than the top-shelf brace and a few grams lighter than the Ride. With the Comp 4's four-way adjustability you can increase or decrease depth, there's a height adjustment for the rear table, and both fore/aft position and the angle of the thoracic strut can be adjusted. This ensures the Comp 4 is unobtrusive and it will function properly. Adding to the inconspicuous nature of this brace is the split front mentioned earlier. This feature, unique to the Comp 4, allows the separate sections to move independently of each other. Along with redesigned lower side sections, this frees you up to add more body English and gives you better visibility while jumping. The Comp 4 also features the Leatt's new CoreFlex thoracic strut -- the piece that extends down from the brace along the spine.It is adjustable with color-coded wedges from -5 to 15 degrees for the perfect fit, and the strut is designed to break in the event of an impact, so it's replaceable. Leatt's patented Alternative Load Path technology is also applied to the Comp 4. It disperses energy away from critical areas during impact to reduce injury. Adding to impact absorption is BioFoam padding. It's replaceable like the CoreFlex thoracic strut if crash damage occurs, and the pads are easily removed and are machine washable. Like all Leatt devices, the DBX Comp 4 uses side mounted paramedical hinges that open easily on both left and right sides. The three way adjustability of Leatt devices allow them to fit most frames, and the wide range of adjustments permit Leatt to produce two sizes -- Small/Medium and Large/XL. To fit a Leatt brace, you measure both your chest diameter and height. - $358.95