Lazer Lion of Flanders Genesis Helmet - $70.88

Belgium is a small country that many of us probably don't have a hereditary link to. However, one needn't hail from Belgium in order to respect, if not worship, its gritty, tough, and ambitious cycling heritage. And on that note, no piece of iconography is more translatable to this history than the Lion of Flanders. It's with this respect and admiration that Lazer created the Lion of Flanders Genesis Helmet. It is indeed the combination of the multi-vent, race-ready Genesis helmet with the application of cycling's only ferocious feline. In terms of fit, the best part about the Genesis is that it only comes in two sizes, Medium and Large. The former is for head circumferences ranging from 52cm - 58cm, and the latter is for 58cm - 61cm heads. Here's some practical advice: If you're comfortable in a size Medium sized Giro, you'll want the Medium Lazer. If the Medium Giro feels too small in the least, you'll want to size up to the Large. But, the question still begs to be asked, how does Lazer get away with only two sizes' Well, it's due to its patented Rollsys Retention System technology. Unlike other designs that basically press a retention system onto the back of your head, the Lazer Rollsys has a smooth thumb wheel at the top of the helmet that connects to a progressive sizing system. With a turn of the dial, the internal system loosens or tightens the retention system around the entire circumference of your head. And just as importantly, this design adds no appreciable weight to the helmet, and it clears up room for more neck protection. So, you'll experienced an increased level of safety, while Rollsys' even pressure provides a heightened level of comfort. And on the topic of comfort, you'll be pleased to know that the Genesis has 19 generous vents for ample ventilation. Additionally, Lazer has also included its antimicrobial, X-Static pads. This material discourages bacterial and fungal growth, and the pads are also removable for washing or replacement. - $70.88