LaserMax Internal Laser Sight - $249.00

Unlike laser sights that attach to a pistols exterior, this LaserMax sight sits inside your firearms recoil spring replacing the spring guide and plug. The on/off switch replaces the slide stop lever. That means the sight is an integrated part of your pistol that wont be affected by drops or bumps. It also ensures absolute alignment with the bore for consistent point-of-aim. Constructed of high-strength aircraft aluminum with a weather-resistant, sealed BK-7 window glass projection port, it projects a pulsing red-orange 5mW, 635 nM laser beam onto the target. This facilitates fast target acquisition and increased accuracy, particularly in low-light conditions. Installation is easy using the included instructions. Because the laser is internal, your firearm can be carried and drawn from its usual holster without any modifications. It also frees up the accessory rail on pistols equipped with one so that a separate light or accessory can still be mounted. Power is supplied by three silver-oxide watch batteries. Available for select models of handgun only. Please specify handgun model. Five-year limited warranty. Type: Laser Sights. - $249.00