LaserLyteLaser Trainer Pro - Clay - $83.88

Conduct advanced handgun and shotgun training at home with these revolutionary laser-training systems. Every time your hammer or striker fires, the sound triggers the laser which simlates impact on your target. Available: Handgun: 100-millisecond flash on your target simulates bullet impact. It installs in the muzzle, making it ideal for reloading drills with the use of snap caps. The laser will not extend more than 0.25 past the barrel, so its also great for holster and close-quarters training. Fits guns chambered in 9mm, .40 SW, .45 ACP, .38 Special, .380 Auto, .357 Sig, 10mm and .45 LC. Uses three 377 batteries (included) for approximately 3,000 shots. Minimum 2 barrel length required. Shotgun: Practice self defense, or for higher scores at the clay range. Fine-tune reflexes and swing skills by mounting this laser in the barrel of your shotgun. Its compatible with 12- and 20-gauge semiautomatic, pump and double-barreled shotguns. The click from your firing pin or hammer activates the laser, which projects a ring of eight laser dots. The circle grows at one inch per yard to simulate the spread of BBs. Each click activates the laser, so if youre using a double barrel and trigger both firing pins or hammers, the laser will activate for each trigger pull. Uses three A76 batteries (included). Color: Clay. - $83.88