LaserLyte Trainer Target - Red - $199.99

For use with LaserLytes original Laser Trainer, Laser Trainer Pro and Laser Trainer Cartridge, this interactive laser trainer target records where a laser hits the target. It contains 62 laser-activated LED lights and doesnt require a computer, television or projector. Its ideal for novice or professional shooters and even instructors to learn or teach shooting skills such as unsighted fire, accuracy, grouping and trigger control. Practice shooting skills just about anywhere, even a favorite recliner, and practice more often. Become a more confident shooter and enjoy a lifetime of low-cost training. The target gives delayed shooting feedback, just like the shooting range. Concentrate on the next shot not the last shot. Simply aim and dry fire with any LaserLyte Laser Trainer. To display impact, fire the laser at the red display circle on the target. When finished, simply dry fire at the red reset circle to begin again with a fresh target. Operates on three AA batteries (included) good for about 6,000 shots and can register shots up to 50 yards away. Need LaserLyte Trainer Cartridges to be able to use LaserLyte Trainer Target (sold separately). Dimensions: 9.5H x 6.25W x 2D. Weight: 1 lb. 4 oz. Color: Red. Type: Laser Accessories. - $199.99