LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser - $134.88

Mounts to the rear of your Glock or Springfield XD/XDM handgun, eliminating the need for a rail system or removal of your existing weapon light. The strategically placed activation button at the rear of the laser can be operated ambidextrously. Laser has dual programmable modes: constant-on or pulse. Battery lasts five hours in constant mode and 10 hours in pulse mode during normal usage (one minute on, one minute off). Auto-off feature conserves battery life. Crafted of steel with a rugged finish. Fits all level-one and level-two holsters. Dimensions: .85L x 1.05W x .35H. Weight: 1.2 oz. with battery. Available: Glock, Springfield XD/XD(M). Type: Laser Sights. - $134.88