Lakeshore Wet Woody Stand Up Paddleboard - 12' 6" - $1,570.93

The 21 lb. Lakeshore Paddleboard Company Wet Woody stand up paddleboard makes it easy to strap to the vehicle, drive to the water and go paddle! Lakeshore Paddleboard Company specializes in making boards which are meant for flatwater, and the Wet Woody is no exception. Vertically shaped front bow slices through the water like the bow of a canoe, and front-displacement hull enhances performance on flatwater. Thick, squared rails increase stability, durability and buoyancy, and low rocker from tip to tail enhances glide. Incredibly stable 32 in. width offers stability that inspires confidence in beginning paddlers and offers pleasurable performance for any skill level. EPS and fiberglass sandwich outer shell and a hollow core reduces weight and creates a highly responsive board that's easy to get to the water-board weighs only 21 lbs.! Comfortable deck pad offers traction and softness under your feet. Tie-down points and front bungee cord transport accessories. 11 in. fiberglass fin enhances tracking. 2-way air vent reduces condensation and equalizes pressure due to temperature and elevation changes with a waterproof, breathable membrane. Built-in carry handle built at the center of mass eases transport to the water. Proudly built in Minden, Nevada. - $1,570.93