Lake MX160 Women's Shoes - $59.99

The Lake Women's MX160 Mountain Bike Shoe combines durability, style, and comfort. This simple, straightforward shoe doesn't require a Master's Degree or a lab to set up comfortably, and you won't have sell your car to afford it. Lake constructed the uppers of its Women's MX160 shoes with its Action Leather. This material combines split leather with a polyurethane surface treatment. With this blend, you receive the comfort and breathability that you expect from leather shoes, along with the added benefit of a long-lasting, treated surface. The polyurethane surface coating increases water-resistance and durability, while also reducing shoe stretch. Mesh panels surround the opening and tongue, further enhancing moisture transfer and breathability. This means that your feet stay cool and ventilated, even on hot days. Three standard hook-and-loop straps control volume and retention. Together, the three straps evenly distribute pressure and securely hold your foot in place. Lake's fiberglass-injected high-impact nylon sole provides you with a stiff, durable pedaling platform, and the real rubber outsole delivers grippy, non-marking traction. Perforated removable insoles let you swap in your favorites if you'd like, and reflective Lake logos increase your visibility to motorists in low-light riding conditions. Lake designed the MX160 with its Competition Last. It puts the foot in a position that allows energy to be focused on the pedal spindle to direct your energy efficiently, directly to the pedal. The competition Last also offers a bit more room in the forefoot than most race shoes. This makes the MX160 comfortable during long-distance rides of four hours or longer. Lake Women's MX160 Shoes are available in the color Black/silver in whole sizes from 36.0 to 43.0. - $59.99