Lake Fork Tackle Boot-Tail Live Magic Shad - Chartreuse - $6.19

The advanced engineering behind the Lake Fork Tackle Boot-Tail Live Magic Shad lets it realistically mimic the swimming motion of a fleeing baitfish. Impregnanted with a strong garlic scent and made of an incredibly soft plastic, this little guy can handle brutal strikes, one after the other. To add to its longevity, a hook-keeper pocket is molded into the top to help reduce hang-ups and snags. Whether youre rigging it to a weighted swimbait hook or an umbrella rig, reel it in with a slow, steady retrieve for maximum effectiveness. Sizes: 3-1/2 (per 6), 4-1/2 (per 4). Colors: (001)Pearl, (113)Magic Shad, (145)Chartreuse Pearl, (330)Albino, (708)Watermelon Red/Pearl, (778)Sun Perch. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Unrigged Plastic Swimbaits. - $6.19