Lacrosse It 1516 Wireless Intelligent Pro Weather Station - $79.88

This professional weather center is loaded with forecasting and monitoring features to give you a full weather picture. A calendar displays day of week, date, month and year. Time display (manual setting) and 12/24-hour time display. Time alarm. A weather-forecasting function with three weather icons and weather-tendency indicator gives you an accurate representation of the weather and future weather trends. Outdoor temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Outdoor humidity display as RH%. Min/max value of outdoor temperature and humidity display with time and date of recording. Low/high outdoor temperature and humidity alarm. Relative air pressure displayed in Hg or hPa. Air pressure tendency indicator for the past 12 hours (bar graph format). Low-battery indicator. Wind direction displayed on a compass display. Wind speed displayed in mph, km/h, m/s or Beufort scale. Wind chill displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Max wind speed displayed with time and date of recording. High-alarm function for wind speed. Manual reset of outdoor temperature/humidity, pressure and wind chill data. Total rainfall displayed in inches or millimeters. Storm-warning alarm. Storage of 200 sets of history weather data recorded in three-hour intervals. Weather station and accessories require five AA alkaline batteries (not included).Receiver Dimensions: 6.89"H x 4.72"W x 1.22"D. - $79.88