La Sportiva Spantik Boot - $750.00

The La Sportiva Spantik Boot is a double boot for High peaks and cold mountaineering conditions. Where one boot is good, two better. You don't wear just one layer on your body, so why would you treat your feet with anything less? Of course there is certainly a time and place for other options, but the inner and outer boot combination offered by the Spantik is top-notch when it comes to warmth. Speed lacing on both helps decrease the time it takes to pile on the gear, plus the outer boot is step-in crampon compatible. Gotta love those heel and toe welts. The rubber rand protects against the harsh terrain and a Vibram Montagna Outsole is durable and tough. Time to start checking those peaks off your list. Features of the La Sportiva Spantik Boot Toasty inner boot Features micro-perforated thermo-formable PE/water-repellant lorica with antiacqua external coating and a minimal Outsole plate on the bottom for durability A warmer alternative to the baruntse, it is step-in crampon compatible, and a proven performer for north faces, winter alpinism and long periods at altitude Innovative fast lacing system for inner and outer boots allows one- handed, glove closure, even in the most heinous conditions Perfect for 6-7000 meter peaks or anywhere that you need a toasty warm Performance Fit - $750.00