La Crosse Noaa 810-106 Severe-Weather-Alert Radio - $39.99

Technology has produced many tools that predict and track dangerous weather situations, but that does no good unless you can receive the alerts being sent. This portable weather radio has all the bases covered, from the information received to how you are alerted and how the radio is powered. While you use the radio as a recreational AM/FM unit, the seven NOAA weather and emergency bands are monitored. If an alert is issued, the radio automatically switches the audio to broadcast the alert and the normally blue backlight LED will change to red. That means that even in low-volume situations you will be warned at a glance that an emergency situation is occurring. The solar-power panel powers the unit while you are in the backyard or camping. But when needed, the unit can be powered by the rechargeable 600 mAh lithium-ion battery (included) that has twice the charging capacity of the competitions. It can also be charged through your computer with a standard mini USB cable. The hand-crank option will provide 30 minutes of use after just one minute of cranking. This indispensible emergency radio also does double duty, serving as an integrated high-intensity LED flashlight.The rugged design incorporates stainless steel bars to create a heavy-duty framework. Telescoping antenna and 3.5mm earphone jack. One-year warranty.Dimensions: 5.5L x 2.375W x 2.5H. - $39.99