Kubb Outdoor Game - $41.99

The Kubb Outdoor Game is a cross between bowling, bocce ball and horseshoes, but with variations to make the game more interesting and challenging. Teams toss wooden dowels to knock down opponents Kubbs (pronounced koob). When the other teams Kubbs have been eliminated, knock down the King to win the game. KUBB can even be played in the snow. This game, sometimes called Viking Chess, employs skill, strategy and is addictive. Made of 100% kiln-dried hardwood, the Kubb Outdoor Game includes 10 Kubb blocks (6 x 2.75), one King Kubb (12 x 3.5), six Kubb tossing dowels (1.5 x 12) and four corner pegs. Includes net bag for storage and carry. Its the perfect lawn game for family gatherings, camping, barbecues and parties. Imported. - $41.99