Kuat Vagabond X-2 Bike Cargo Rack - $475.00

If you've ever had the misfortune of picking up pieces of your $5000 steed off the highway, then you might want to consider the Kuat Vagabond X-2 Bike Cargo Rack for your next trip. Built from durable steel with a flat black powder finish, the Vagabond will match anything you drive. The Vagabond incorporates a grid basket with fork mounts and wheel trays, which basically kills two birds with one stone. Go ahead and toss your duffle bags of gear and a couple bikes on the roof and away you go. Just make sure to tie them down first.Grid basket has multiple tie-down points for securing gear Two integrated skewer mounts allow bikes to be mounted alongside cargo Integrated cable lock keeps gear secure Wind visor doubles as a sticker board Total weight: 26lb Weight capacity: 160lb total cargo, 40lb per bike - $475.00