Men's Kryptek Vidar Scout Vest - KRYPTEK HIGHLANDER (LARGE) - $99.99

The Kryptek complete layering system teams proven tactical designs with features demanded by todays hunters. Krypteks Outdoor Groups designers draw their concepts from actual battlefield experience. Soft, quiet vest provides quick-cooling ventilation, mobility and core warmth to keep you comfortably on the move. Lightweight, packable fabric has a durable water-repellent finish for quick-drying, moisture-shedding performance. Other highlights include heat-sealed laminate construction and ample pockets with waterproof zippers. 100% polyester. Imported.Sizes: M-2XL.Camo patterns: Mothwing Mountain Mimicry, Kryptek Highlander. Type: Vests. Size: Large. Camo Pattern: KRYPTEK HIGHLANDER. Size Large. Color Kryptek Highlander. - $99.99