Men's Kryptek Alaios Pants - KRYPTEK HIGHLANDER (36) - $149.99

The Kryptek complete layering system teams proven tactical designs with features demanded by todays hunters. Krypteks Outdoor Groups designers draw their concepts from actual battlefield experience. Soft, quiet 100% polyester pants boast quick-drying construction and ample pockets for storage. They feature suspender compatibility, articulated knees, kneepad pockets for kneepads (kneepads not included), and a total of 10 pockets. Imported.Inseam: 32-1/2.Waist sizes: 32-40.Camo patterns: Mothwing Mountain Mimicry , Kryptek Highlander. Type: Pants. Size: 36. Camo Pattern: KRYPTEK HIGHLANDER. Size 36. Color Kryptek Highlander. - $149.99