Krippled Herring Heads - Black/Chartreuse - $11.99

Craft the perfect trout- and salmon-catching rig. These heads are designed to rig with fresh herring bait for just the rotation. Per 3. Colors: (212)Purple Scale Glow, (213)Purple Scale Utraviolet (not shown), (214)Lemonlime Ultraviolet, (215)Bubblegum Ultraviolet, (216)Blueberry Utraviolet, (217)Grape Ultraviolet, (218)Prawn Utraviolet, (237)Chartreuse Green/Black, (250)Green Black/Chartreuse Glow, (500)Pearl Blue, (602)Mother of Pearl, (604)Blue Silver Scale, (632)Green Black Scale. Color: Black/Chartreuse. Type: Bait Rigs. - $11.99