Kona One Windsurf Board 220L - $1,599.00

Versatile, friendly and fun to sail. It has grown to be a serious One Design race class in record time. The characteristic subtle shape combines stability, maneuverability, control and excellent sub planing performance all in one package. Cruising and racing in all conditions becomes a thrill and performing classic tricks becomes a breeze. The Kona One's natural wave ability in not only a bonus, but the most appreciated aspect among many sailor world wide. It is as demanding for advanced sailors as if is easy for "newbies" because of its versatile design which incorporates a gently curved outline with soft rails and a flat rocker. This board allows you to ride soft, long waves in marginal conditions. Additionally, the planing thresh-old had been dramatically reduced by implementing the 'step tail' which shortens the waterline when powered up and boosts the board onto a plane much earlier than conventional longboards.Key Features of the Kona One Windsurf Board 220L: 6.5cm dagger board 46cm fin 4 footstraps Full soft EVA deck for maximum comfort Construction: ASA/EVA Size 350 x 70 Volume 220 Weight 15.5kg Fin 46cm powerbox 65cmdaggerboard - $1,599.00