Kolpin Lock-it Rite ATV System (30 LOCK-IT-RITE) - $149.99

Engineered to eliminate the need for unreliable and cumbersome tie-down straps, the Lock-it Rite locks your ATV into the back of your pickup for safe and hassle-free transport. The unique design attaches to your trucks 2 receiver hitch and then to a 2 hitch ball (not included) on the rear of your ATV. Rated for 2,000 lb. towing weight and 250 lb. tongue weight, the built-in Class 1 receiver still allows towing of small, lightweight trailers. The Lock-it Rite restricts side- to-side shifting and eliminates forward and backward movement of the ATV. Also keeps loading ramps from sliding out and deters theft. Heavy-duty steel construction resists the harsh effects of weather and road debris. Adjustable design fits most trucks. Available: 30. Size: 30 LOCK-IT-RITE. - $149.99